Yokogawa 240631-E 绝缘测试仪

Rating:  25V/5MΩ, 50V/10MΩ, 125V/20MΩ

Effective Measuring range: 0.001–5MΩ/ 0.005–10MΩ/ 0.01–20MΩ

Central Scale Value: 0.1MΩ/ 0.2MΩ/ 0.5MΩ

Low limit measuring resistance: 0.025MΩ/ 0.05MΩ/ 0.125MΩ

Rated current: 1 mA

Scale length: Approx. 86 mm (outer scale)

AC voltage measurement: AC voltage measurement is possible wherever the rotary switch is positioned.

Discharge function: The tester automatically begins discharge when you turn off the MEAS switch. The pointer swings if there is any residual voltage in the circuit under test. You can make sure discharge is complete by checking that the pointer swings back to the infinite (∞) scale value. Under this condition, the tester is ready to enter voltage measurement mode.

Dimensions (main unit): Approx. 120 (W)x 110 (H) x 60 (D) (mm)

Weight: Approx. 500 g (including batteries)

Batteries: Six AA (LR6 or R6) batteries

Standard Accessories: Earth and Line probes 98007, Carrying case B9075MU, User's manual, Batteries




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