Yokogawa AQ2200-642 收发器I / F模块

Power supply voltage monitor

Measurement Range: PS1: +2V to +6V/ PS2: +2V to +4V/ PS3: +0.5V to +2.5V/ PS4:–6V to –2V/ PS5:+2V to +6V

Resolution: 1 mV

Acccuracy: ±(0.2% of reading+1 mV

Power supply current monitor

Measurement Range: PS1: 0A to 1.8A/ PS2: 0A to 3A/ PS3: 0A to + 1.8A/ PS4: 0A V to 3A/ PS5: 0A to 2A

Resolution: 1 mV

Acccuracy: ±(1% of reading+2 mA

Status signal monitor

Measurement Range:+0V to +6V

Acccuracy: ±(1% of reading+20 mV

Resistance value monitor

Measurement Range:0 Ω to 10000 Ω

Acccuracy: Ω ±(0.5% of reading +2 Ω

Power consumption monitor

Measurement Range: 0 W to 28 W

Dimensions: Approx. 62.5(W) × 117(H) × 321.5(D) mm, 2 slots wide (excluding protrusions)

Weight: Approx. 1.5 kg

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