Yokogawa CW10 钳式功率计(单相)

Voltage: + DCV: 100V, 1000V; 0.7% + 2

+ ACV: 100V, 1000V; 1% + 5 50-500Hz  5% + 0.5:     

+LPF, ACV: 100V, 1000V; 50≤f≤60Hz:1%+5, 60<f≤400Hz: 5%+5

Current: + DCA: 100A, 600A; 1.5%+5 at 600A

+ ACA: 100A, 600A; 50≤f≤60Hz:1.5%+5, 60<f≤400Hz: 2%+5

+ LPF, ACV: 100A, 600A; 50≤f≤60Hz:1.5%+5, 60<f≤400Hz: 5%+5

Peak hold (AC mode only): + ACV: 100V, 1000V; 3%+15

+ACA: 100A, 600A; 3%+15

Frequency: 20 to 99.99Hz, 20 to 999.9Hz, 0.02 to 9.999kHz; 0.5%+3

Harmonic measurement: accuracy 5%+10 at 1st to 12th

Inrush current: 100A, 600A; 2.5%+5 at 600A

Active power: 10kW, 100kW, 600kW; ACW: 2.5%+11, DCW: 2.2%+22

Power factor: accuracy ± (3°+2digits)

Resistance: 1000Ω, 10kΩ, 100kΩ; 1%+3 at 10kΩ, 100kΩ

Continuity check: 1000Ω; 1%+5, the buzzer turns on for resistance lower than approx. 30Ω (response time: approx.100msec)

Diode test: 0.4-0.8V; ±0.1V

Display count: 9999/6000

Measuring rate: 3times/sec

Power supply: 9V alkaline battery (6LR61)

Battery life: when using alkaline battery, backlight off. Approx.20h

Operating temperature and humidity: 0~50°C(with no condensation); ≤80%RH (0~30°C), ≤15%RH (30~40°C), ≤45%RH (40~50°C)

Temperature coefficient: at 0 to 18°C and 28 to 50°C, add 23± 5°C accuracy x 0.2°C

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ or greater at 1000VDC (between the core and the case, the core and the voltage input terminals and the voltage input terminals and the case)

Dimension: 87.5(W)x242(L)x51(D) mm

Weight: 435g (including the battery)

Accessories (sold seperately): lead with alligator clip model code 99014




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