Yokogawa GM10-1 数据采集模块

No. of I/O channels: 100 max

Measurement mode: Normal, High speed, Dual interval

Scan interval: 1/2/5/10/20/50/100/200/500ms/1/2/5s

Internal memory (flash memory):  500 MB

External storage media: SD memory card (SD/SDHC), up to 1–32 GB (1 GB incl.); Format: FAT32 or FAT16

Data types: Event, display, alarm summary, manual sample, settings, and report (/MT option)

Data format: Binary or text

Alarms: Number: Max. 4 alarms per measurement channel

Types: high limit, low limit, difference high limit, difference low limit,rate of change increase, rate of change decrease, delay high, delay low.

Event actions: Specified actions can be performed when certain events occur; Number: 50; Events: alarms, remote control input, etc.; Actions: record stop/start, alarm ACK, etc.; Timers: 12; Match time timers: 12

Batch function: Manage data by batch name. Enter text fields and batch comments in data files. 

Calibration correction mode: Off, linearizer approximation, linearizer bias

Security functions: Key lock and login functions.

Insulation resistance: Between RS-422/485/Ethernet terminals and internal circuitry: 20 MΩ or greater (at 500 VDC)

No. of MATH channels: 100

No. of communication channels:300 (C001–C300)

Number of multi batches: 6 max



Instruction Manual

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