Yokogawa MX100 基于PC的数据采集单元

Logging type: Mainly PC measurement

Style No: S3

Maximum number of connectable channels (per unit): 60

Maximum number of connectable modules (per unit): 6

Total maximum number of connectable channels: 1200 (20 units × 6 modules)

Display monitor system: Through MX100 software or API

Environmental worthiness (operating temperature range):0 to 50°C

*Data save method

Save operation: Save on the PC (can be saved to CF card with the /DS option)

Save start/stop: Executed on the PC.

Supported external media: CF card (up to 2 GB supported)

*Measurement interval 

Basic measurement interval: 10, 50, 100, 200, 500 ms, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 sec. However, the measurement interval that can be set differs from module to module.

Multi-interval: Up to 3 measurement groups/measurement intervals can be set


Display type: 2 × 7-segment display

Other: Measurement, alarm, recording, computation, and communication status indicators.

*Alarms (alarm functions)

Main unit alarm types: Upper limit, lower limit, differential upper limit, and differential lower limit, high limit on rate-of-change, low limit on rate of change, Delay alarm.

Number of alarms: 4 levels per channel

Number of relay outputs: 1 to 60 points depending on the number of mounted DO modules

Number of channels for computation: 60 (Can also be set for communication input on the MW)

Dimensions (mm): Approximately 92 (W) × 131 (H) × 163 (D)

Weight: Approximately 4.1 kg (when 6 modules)


General Specifications

Instruction Manual

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