Yokogawa SL1000 高速数据采集仪

Input format: Plug-in module (A/D converters built in to each unit)

Number of slots: 8

Max number of channels: 16

Maximum sample rate: 100 MS/s on all channels (depending on the type of module. If the sampling frequency exceeds the maximum sample rate of the module, identical data will be recorded)

Max. recording length (internal memory): 50 MW/ch (trigger mode: Single, measuring on 1 module, 2 channels)

Build-in hard disk: 500 GB (with /HD1 option)

Maximum speed for saving in real time

Build-in hard disk: 1.6 MS/s (=100 kS/s × 16ch, with /HD1 option)(Typical values. Actual values depend on measurement conditions.)

Signal I/O External clock input :BNC × 1; External trigger input :BNC × 1; Trigger output :BNC × 1; Alarm output :Screwless terminal × 1; GO/NO-GO output :Screwless terminal × 1; REMOTE input :Screwless terminal × 1

Probe power terminal: Supplies up to 4 probes (with /P4 option)

USB communication: Conforms to USB Revision 2.0

Ethernet: 1000 BASE-T compliant (with /C10 option)

Rated supply voltage: 100-120 VAC/220-240 VAC (switches automatically)

Rated supply frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 300 VA max (including modules)

Operating temperature: range 5 to 40°C

Dimensions: 319 mm (W) × 154 mm (H) × 350 mm (D), excluding protrusions

Weight: Approx. 6 kg 



Instruction Manual

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