YuYang YY1014-1000L 可编程高低温箱 (1000 L)

Inner Size W×H×D(cm): 100×100×100

Outside Size W×H×D(cm): 160x190x180

Volume (L): 1000 L

Temp and Hum Range: A:-20°C~150°C B: -40°C~150°C C: -60°C~150°C D: -70°C~150°C RH20%-98%


 Fluctuation: ±0.5°C ±2.5%RH

 Deviation: ±0.5°C-±2°C ±3%RH(>75%RH); ±5%RH(≤75%RH)

 Controller analytical accuracy: ±0.3°C ±2.5%RH


 Inner Wall: SUS #304 Stainless steel

 Outer Skin #SUS 304 Stainless steel

 Heat Preservation: High temperature resistant, High chlorine acid b vinegar foam insulation materials

Wind Cycling Way: Centrifugal fan-broadband type forced air circulation

Refrigeration Way: Single stage compression refrigeration

Refrigerater: French Tecumseh

Refrigerants: R4O4A USA dupont environmental protection refrigerant(R23+R404)

Condensing Way: Air-cooled or water-cooled

Heater: Nickel chrome heating wire heater

Humidifier: Semi-closed steam and wet

Water Supplying Way: Automatic cycling water supply

Standard Accessories: 

 1 Observe window(double-deck cavity toughened glass),

 1 50mm test hole in the left,

 1 PL inner chamber lamp,

 2 clapboards,

 1 bag of wet and dry bulb,

 3 fuses,

 1 power line.

Safety device: 

 Non- fuse-switch(compressor overload,

 refrigerant high low voltage,

 over-humidity and temperature protection,

 Protection switch,fuse stoppage warning system



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