YuYang YY1019 盐水喷雾测试设备

1. Volume(mm):1000×1000×1000(D×W×H)

Dimension(MM): 1200×1500×1950(D×W×H)

2. Turntable Rotate speed(rpm):1 ~5adjustable,table diameter:500MM,can tilt 15°,height 200mm adjustable.

3. Oscillating tube radius(mm): 400

4. Oscillating tube flexing angle:45°, 90°, 180°(close to)

(1) Nozzles angle:120°(IPX3),180°(IPX4).

(2) Flexing angle:120°(IPX3),320°(IPX4)

5. Nozzles aperture(mm):φ0.4

6. Nozzles distance(mm):50

7. Flow rate per hole:0.07 L/min +5%

8. Pressure(Kpa):80-150

9. Oscillating tube flexing angle:max. ±180°(close to)

10. Flexing speed:IPX3 one complete oscillating (2*120°) being about 4S;IPX4 one complete oscillating (2*175°) being about 12S;Adjustable.

11. IP12:aperture 0.4MM, holes distribution 20*20MM.Drip area 800*800MM,drip height 120MM

(1)flow rate: 1+0.5mm/Min,3+0.5mm/Min or set(digital control technology);

(2)IPX2 test, turntable tilt 15° and rotate automatically ensure four faces be rained 150s. (Auto or manual)

12. Test time:1-999,999min(set)

13. Pressure:80~150Kpa(adjustable)

14. Distance from sample to drip box is 200mm, after test, put sample in room temperature for 24 hours and check its function

15. Stainless steel shell, tempered glass viewing window

16. Suitable turntable (sample support), rotate speed adjustable

17. Power:one set build in 12V /24V waterproof plug

18. Driver:Panasonic 750W servo motor (low noise, high precision)

19. Control system:Teelong touchscreen control system

20. Power supply: 220V 50Hz

21. Reference standard: GB2423,38-90,GB4706.32-2004 IEC-5129



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