YuYang YY1020-90 盐水喷雾测试设备 (270 L)

Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm): 900x600x500

External Dimension WxHxD (mm): 1400x950x1200

Lab Temperature: Saline test (NSS ACSS) 35±1 °C ;Corrosion Test (CASS)50±1 °C

Pressure Bucket Temperature: Saline test method (NSS ACSS) 47±1 °C / Corrosion Test (CASS)63±1 °C

Lab Capacity(L): 270

Saline Capacity(L): 25

Saline Concentration: 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g CuCl2H2O

Exter./Inter.Material: P.V.C & P.P

Compressed Air Pressure(Kgf): 1.0~6.0

Spray Volume: 1.0~2.0ml /80cm2 /h(working at least 16 hours, and take the average value)

Spray Form: Continuous Spraying or Programmable Spraying

Power: AC220V , lines15A

Weight(Kg): 80


 Salt Spray Vehicle: Air+acid(base)liquid

 Heating: SUS#304 & #316stainless steel heater+taflon

 Controller: Hydrometer,salinomerer,fog collector,glass bar

Safety Devices: Overheating prevention circult-breaker,dehydration and overheating prevention mechanism,breakdown indicator light

Power Source: AC 1Ψ 220V 60/50Hz; 1.5 (K.W.)



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