YuYang YY141 CFR榆阳标准防火测试

Product introduction:

Applicable to the evaluation of a mattress or mattress suite suffered ignition source similar to 

burning sheets when burning and heat release, 16 CFR 1633 U.S. federal standard, mattress and 

package all manufacturers and importers must conform to the standard.

Product features:

A mattress or mattress placed on the top of the steel frame and combustion kit for the two of 

total calories for T 27KW type burner, the burner ignition side for 50 seconds, 70 seconds 

at the top of the ignition burner. In the case of fire control, instrument analysis with 

the flue gas generated from the collected samples, the heat release rate for continuous rule, 

the peak heat release rate should not exceed 200Kw, in the first 10 minutes of total heat release should not exceed 15MJ.



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