• 制造商: YuYang
    Model: YY502
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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1. Gross heat of combustion: 0.01MJ / kg ~ 30MJ / kg;

2. Heat of combustion repeatability error:Dynamic ≤0.1%;

3. Temperature range: 0 ~ 50 ℃;

4. Temperature resolution: 0.0001 ℃, using PT100 sensor;

5. Oxygen calorimetric bomb volume:300ML,mass:3.2KG;

6. Calorimetric vessel volume: 2200ML;

7. Calorimetric bomb oxygen-supply pressure: 0 ~ 3.5Mpa without leakage;

8. Oxygen calorimetric bomb pressure resistance:≥21Mpa pressure;

9. Stirrer power: 3W;

10. Stirrer vessel speed: 375r / min;

11. Power:AC 185~245V;

12. Crucible(stainless steel):2;

13. Single-head oxygen bomb:1;

14. Firing wire:1 volume;

15. Containing crucible method and cigarette method;

16. Device for making the”cigarette”;

17. The system automatic records the data of temperature and time.It can be based on the input heat capacity, sample quality and additional heat and related data, automatically temperature correction and gross heat of combustion calculation, and the result is given.The computer of the test apparatus has the icon display function, display curve, Excel spreadsheets, print function, data input, command and control functions.In order to perfect the system, the computer system can be added to fault alarm, warning, alarm, etc.

18. Ignition circuit:voltage 12V,adjustable current 100mA,firing wire diameter 0.1mm;

19. Gross heat of combustion and net heat of combustion can read directly,without calculation;

20. Computer:1 set.



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