• 制造商: YuYang
    Model: YY513
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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    热线:   (+84) 966520220

    电话:  +84 (24) 62923267


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1. The area of the radiant panel is 850mm×850mm, strengthen the structural support frame.

2. Sample holder is perpendicular to the radiant panel with standard scale mark, it can according to the distance of the flame propagation to calculate the critical heat flux.

3. Equipped with water cooling circulation system, which can be carried out to the specimen holder, and avoid high temperature cause damage for a long time.

4. Equipped with small flame ignition device, use the electric to ignition.

5. The radiant panel equipped with flame test device, if the radiant panel flame out, it can cut off the gas automatically.

6. Equipped with electric control box, which can adjustable gas and air flow, and show the value of the heat flux.

7. Equipped with water cooling heat flux sensor.

8. PLC+ HIM, can display the information of the test.

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