裕阳YY608 UL 1685电缆垂直电线测试设备(有烟尘释放)

  • 制造商: YuYang
    Model: YY608
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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1. Test chamber:

1.1 inner size: 3353 mm, 2438 mm long, 2438 mm wide

1.2 structure: made of the concrete block bricks or composed of stainless steel plate with heat insulation layer, square size: 203 mm, 406 mm and 152 mm thick, long table with black paint.

1.3 access door: in front of the test chamber is equipped with the access door, 2.1 m high, 0.9 mm wide, is made of stainless steel, equipped with observation window, window made of tempered glass. 

Window size of 457 mm * 457 mm square. (there was is equipped with the same observation window on the right side)

1.4 smoke collection tower: at the top of the cone, tilt Angle of 40 degrees, on top of the cone to install a smoke collection size is 914 mm cube tower.

1.5 air source: in the front of the test chamber with air inlet, size: 2438 mm wide, 305 mm high:

1.6 steel ladder: made of 305 mm wide, deep of stainless steel 76 mm and 2400 mm high, in the middle of each elevator spacing 25 mm, ladder step by 305 mm long, wide for 13 mm stainless steel.

2. Ignition source:

2.1 It is made of a belt type flowmeter and propane gas burner and matching of venturi mixer, burner for flat stainless steel plate is 341 mm long, wide for 30 mm, the table for the fire 242 a diameter of 1.35 mm hole is drilled surface. The hole at the center of the distance of 3.2 mm, there are three rows of staggered, 81, 80 and 80 respectively in each row, in nominal size 257 mm * 5 mm range.

2.2 ignition source installation location: burner should be placed, 76 mm from the wire sample before, and with the steel ladder axis of symmetry. Burner for point is located in the center of the steel ladder between two rungs, and at least 457 mm from the sample bottom.

2.3 meter

Propane gas flowmeter: 230 mm3 / s

The air flow meter: 1330 mm3 / s

3. Optical system:

It consists of transmitting and receiving parts, distance between light source and silicon photocell is 910 mm. As shown in figure 3

3.1 launch part: PHILIPS quartz bulb lamp chimney element

The standard power: 100 w

Standard voltage: dc 12 v

Standard flux: 2000 lm - 3000 lm

Bulb by 12 v power supply voltage, voltage stability in + / - 0.01 v

3.2 receiver: in the silicon photocell and its spectral response and the international commission on illumination (CIE) match the photometer, light transmittance 0% without light through, light transmittance was 100%, the light shining through.

4. data acquisition:



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