• 制造商: YuYang
    Model: YY706
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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Box structure:

1, The tester is consist of cabinet, sample case, the radiation cone, ignition, light and measuring devices and other relevant control device component;

2, The structural design and control design considers the ergonomics; The test box is with full door design approach; lock design for easy one-time close the door; optimize operational processes;

3, The test has fully opened door for easy loading and unloading of samples and cleaning the box;

4, The front door hinge installation with Windows and window has block the activity window opaque visor to prevent light from entering the sealed box;

5, The controller is located in the side of the box, easy to operate. When the door is closed does not affect the view controller;

6, Security flameout board, replace the simple, safer operation;

7, Which provides gas measurement port for gas toxicity test;

8, The test box for easy cleaning and coating chemical resistance;

Combustion means:

1, The heating cone: Power 2600W, input temperature range of 0 ~ 1000 ºC, can be stable within ± 2 ºC within 50 minutes, providing irradiance 10KW / m²-50KW / m² of.

2, The use of mass flow controllers and differential pressure sensor can improve the accuracy of piezometers and automatic leak test

3, Ignition with automatic ignition devices; flame length 30mm ± 5mm; in accordance with standards prescribed blue flame with a yellow tip;

Smoke density measuring system:

1, Smoke density and temperature are digital display, viewing more convenient, more accurate values

2, Photodetector assembly includes a photomultiplier, amplified filters, shutters, filters, neutral density filter, a lens, an optical window, and other components;

3, The light source is 6.5V incandescent light sources;

4, The installation of optical cartridge box at the top, light accepted as side-on photo-multiplier, light transmission rate of 0.001% accuracy can be achieved

5, Achromatic lens

6, Japan imported Photo-multiplier tubes

7, High-gain low-noise amplifier control circuit

Control System:

1, Automatic completion of the test; automatic acquisition of various signals; And test report could be print from computer.

2, Brand computers,

3, The printer is optional

4, Voltage: 220V Power 4KW;

5, Customer-owned propane gas;

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