YuYang YY811 纺织品的色彩测试机自动型(用于纺织品测试)


1. Provide several light sources, i.e. D65, TL84, UV, F/A

2. Apply microcomputer to switch between the light sources quickly.

3. Super timing function to record use time of each light source separately.

4. All fittings are imported, ensuring quality.

5. Product size is 675mm*455mm*415mm.

Instructions for Light Source:

D65 (6500K; 2×18W) Fluorescent Artificial Daylight PHILIPS TLD18W/965; International Standard Artificial Daylight

TL84 (4000K; 2×18W) Fluorescent PHILIPS TLD 18W/840; European,Japan Shop light Source

F/A (2700K; 4×40W) Incandescent PHILIPS E27; Sun-settting Light Yellow Light Source

UV (1×18W) Fluorescent PHILIPS 18W/BLB BLACK LIGHT; Ultraviolet Lamp




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