YuYang YYJ-011 椅脚耐压力试验机

Load cell: 0.5 precision force sensor (US World Civil)

The biggest test: 5000KG

Accuracy: 1

Test Force Test Range: 0.4% ~ 100% FS

Power Resolution: 200000

Within ± 1% of indicated value: Displacement error

Displacement resolution: 0.05mm

Control system: servo drives

Transmission: Panasonic servo motor

Motor power: 2.0kw

Test speed range: 5 ~ 500 mm / min

Within ± 1% of indicated value: speed accuracy

Test Stroke (excluding fixtures): 1000mm

Effective pillar spacing: 1000mm

Display System: This machine is equipped with lenovo computers and HP printer.

Features: Special fixture uses to fix five claws

Weight: 500kg

Volume: 1500 * 650 * 2100mm

Power: AC220V 50HZ



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