ZBL U5200 非金属超声检测仪混凝土结构强度裂缝深度

Control Mode:    Internal A8 Industrial control board
Data storage:    Internal
Signal collecting mode:    Automatic continuous collection
Trigger:    signal
Acoustic transit time accuracy:    0.025μs
Dynamic range:    154dB
Receiver sensitivity:    ≤10μv
Emission voltage(V):    65、250、500、1000 V adjustable
Data transmission:    USB、MiniUsb、Wi-Fi、Bluetooth
Power    Internal:    Built-in lithium battery
    External:    220V AC/DC
Weight:    1.36kg(lithinum battery included)
Screen:    5.7inch、high brightness TFT LCD screen
Operation Mode:    Touch screen and button
Channels:    1 emitter+2 receiver
Sampling interval:    0.025μs~1638.4μs adjustable
Amplifier bandwidth:    3~450kHz
Gain error:    0.5dB
Size(mm:    210×149×60
Operational environment    Temperature:    -10℃~+40℃
    Humidity:    <90%RH
Battery time:    >5h      
Size(mm)    210×149×60
Operational environment    Temperature    -10℃~+40℃
    Humidity    <90%RH
Battery time    >5h
U5200 ,Plane probe ,Signal wire,Waterproof case




Quick detection of the integrity of basic pile continuous wall with Ultrasonic Penetration Method        Testing pressure strength of concrete with Ultrasonic - Test Hummer Method
    Testing depth of concrete fractures, quality of combined surface, thickness of surface damage layer, internal defect of steel pipe concrete, empty areas, and cellular empty with Ultrasonic Method.
    Testing of wells using a Single Hole, single Emitter, double Receiver Method
    Testing the quality of refractory.
    Testing the mechanical properties of nonmetal materials such as Geological survey, rock, concrete, etc.

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