ZBL-U5700 多通道超声测桩仪

Channels:    4
Number of tested profiles per time:    6
Control mode:    Built in A8 industrial control board
Screen:    10.4 inches high definition LCD screen
Operating method:    Touch screen
Storage method:     built-in electronic hard disk (≥4GB) + U disk capacity
Acquisition mode:    Synchronous continuous mining
Sampling interval:    0.05μs~1638.4μs optional multiple levels
Acoustic transit time accuracy:    0.05μs
Record length:    512~4096
Acoustic transit time range:    ±1677.7ms
Emission voltage(V) :    65、250、500、1000 V adjustable
Amplifier gain:    82dB
Dynamic range:    154 dB
Amplifier gain accuracy:    0.5dB
Band width (12dB):    2~500kHz
Receiver sensitivity:    ≤10μV
Channels interference:    ≤1/400
Transmission port:    USB、MiniUsb、WiFi、Bluetooth
Measuring method:    Horizontal test, inclined test, retest, finer increment test
Power    Built-in    lithium battery
    Outside    220V AC/DC
Work time(h)    > 8
Work envirment    Temperature    -10℃~+40℃
    Humidity    < 90%RH
Size    270mm×220mm×75mm
Weight    2.5kg
Lifting device connection mode    wirless




ZBL-U5700 Multichannel Ultrasonic Pile Integrity Tester is the perfect device for cross-hole

acoustic wave transmission method. This instrument is specifically designed for testing the pile

foundation integrity by using acoustic a wave transmission method, and contains the unique multi-

channel self-emission/self-receiving function. It also enables the concrete pile all-profile test with

only one lift (3 or 4 acoustic testing pipes embedded), which makes the detection process more efficient and simpler.

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