ZBL-R800 多功能混凝土钢筋检测仪(Ф6mm~Ф50mm)

Applicable range: Ф6mm~Ф50mm
Maximum allowed error for diameters measurement
: ±1 rebar standard level
Protective layer thickness range (mm)
Maximum allowed error for protective layer
First range: 3~98
-3~77: ±1 mm
-58~98: ±2 mm
Second range: 3~196
-3~77: ±1 mm
-58~118: ±2 mm
-70~196: ±4 mm
Data transmission: wireless transmission
USB port: thumb drive storage available
Corrosion detection method
Single electrode
Measuring range: ±1000mV
Accuracy: ±1mV
Tested points Interval X: 0~100 adjustable
Tested points interval Y: 0~100  adjustable
Double electrode
Measuring range: 0~1000 mV
Accuracy: ±1mV
Tested points Interval X: 20 fixed,
Tested points interval Y: 0~100  adjustable
Power: Built-in chargeable lithium battery
Battery Time:>38 hours
R800, Multi-parameter probe,Electrode,Waterproof case



Application:ZBL-R800 is a multi-functional integrated rebar detector which can be used for

testing the thickness of protective layers, measuring the diameter, location, and distribution of

rebar as well as for detecting the corrosion content of a rebar.

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