Nguồn chuyển đổi tần số AC 1 pha Ainuo AN97000H(F) (500VA, 2.3A)

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Hãng sản xuất: Ainuo
Model: AN97000H(F)
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Công suất ra: 500VA
Dòng ra (220V): 2.3A
Nguồn vào: một pha 200V±15%
Pha đầu ra: một pha
Điện áp ra: Auto:(Low gear)1~150.0V,(High gear)150.1~300.0V Hold:(high gear)1~300V
Tần số ra: 45~65Hz liên tục, có thể điều chỉnh
Độ ổn định tần số: 0.1%
Độ ổn định điện áp: ≤1%
Thời gian phục hổi tạm thời: 20ms
Bảo vệ quá dòng: 1.05 rate, 1.1 rated
Chế độ bảo vệ: ngắn mạch, quá tải, bảo vệ quá nhiệt thiết bị công suất
Hiển thị: VFD
Truyền thông: Chuẩn: RS232, Optional:RS485, Remote Control
Kích thước: 483*200*380
Trọng lượng: 20 kg

Product Detail

Main features
High-frequency pulse-width modulation and IGBT driver,stable sine wave to simulate various state grid conditions,clean power;
Patented impact technlolgy for impact loads,such as resistive,capaciteive,inductive and mixed loads;
High-end clear VFD/LED high-density laminated structure,small size,light;
TS Series with over-voltage protection for internal circuits;
Online adjustable voltage/frequency to support remote PC communication control;
Over-current,over-power,overheating and abnormities protection,sound/light alarm;
Provide 6 shortcut groups to save voltage,frequency and upper/lower voltage deviation settings;
20KW and models provide cable drop compensation function to clear cable voltage drop;
Optional analog control interfaces for voltage/frequency output.
Order information and extended functions
AN97H Series:300V/45-65HZ,capacity 500VA 1kVA,2kvA,3kVA,5kVA,10kVA.
AN97TS series:300V/45-65Hz,capacity 15kVA,20kVA,30kVA,45kVA,60kVA,100kVA.
Output voltage can be up to 400V,600V,need to modify.


AN97H series

AN97TS series

Input power

Single phase 200V±15%

3-phase 4-wires/3×220V±15%

Output phase

Single Phase

Output voltage

Auto:(Low gear)1~150.0V,(High gear)150.1~300.0V Hold:(high gear)1~300V

Output frequency

45~65Hz continuous,adjustable



Frequency stability


Power effect


Voltage stability


Load effect


Transient recover time


Over current protection

1.05 rate<="" span="">

1.1 rated<="" span="">

Protection mode

Short-circuit,overload and power device overheat protection

Loading capacity

Can Start a inductive load which capacity is less than 0.5 rated power

Capacity of AC power supply,or rectifier load which crest factor is less than 3.0

Memory function

Save the settings before turn off

Shortcut group

6 groups

Preset function

Output voltage,output frequency and output voltage tolerance can be preset under standby status

Adjustment online

Under running status,output voltage can be adjustable through “+”or”-“button


Resolution:0.1V Accuracy: ±(0.8%×reading +0.2%×range)



Accuracy: ±(2%×reading+1%×rated output)

Resolution: 0.01A

Accuracy: ±(2%×reading+1%×rated output)



Accuracy: ±5%<span style="font-size:8.0pt;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New

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