Máy siêu âm xách tay DRAMINSKI iScanMed

Main attributes of the iScanMed ultrasound


Perfect image

Fully digital imaging technology (B, B+B, B+M). Excellent for accurate diagnostics. Presets for various diagnostic and treatment activities – injections, evaluation of motor organs, small organs, lung points, optic nerve.


Cine loop record

Owing to a unique cine loop technology you can play 20-second video sequences and carefully examine the organ.


Portable ultrasound

Very light, fully mobile and powered by an exceptionally durable battery, iScanMed will give you comfort during many hours of work.


Duraluminium casing

A waterproof case of iScanMed allows for disinfecting the device.

 The set includes:

  • body with 6-14 MHz probe,
  • two packages of external batteries,
  • power supply,
  • USB cable for data transmission,
  • Explorer transport case,
  • manual.

Technical data

Dimensions   20.5 x 17.0 x 6.0 cm
Unit weight   1620 g including probe
Battery weight   280 g
Image presentation (projection) mode   live imaging: B Mode, B+B Mode, B+M Mode
Probe frequency and type   electronic linear 10 MHz (from 6 to 14MHz)
Scanning range   from 0 to 5 cm
Screen   LCD, LED screen, 5.0’’ diagonal
Keyboard   membrane
Cine loop (image sequence)   256 frames (ca. 20 seconds)
Image memory   200 images with date, index No. and description
Cine memory   50 cine loops with date, index No. and description
Transmission to the computer   through the USB2.0 port
Power source   Li-ion battery pack, 14.4 V, 3.1Ah
Continuous operation on fully charged battery   about 5 h
Pack charging time   2 hrs 30 min
Battery low indicator   automatic – graphic indicator
Working temperature   + 5°C do + 40°C
Storage temperature   0°C do + 45°C


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