Máy siêu âm màu xách tay DRAMINSKI OPUS D

Main attributes of the ultrasound scanner

Perfect image

  • Screen: LCD with a backlight LED 10.4”, LCD touch panel
  • Doppler functions: PWD (Pulse Wave Doppler), Color Doppler, PDI (Power Doppler)
  • Imaging modes: B Mode, B+B Mode, B+M Mode

 Cine loop record

Cine loop of any length allows for accurate checking of the examined organ.

  • Integrated PC
  • Memory: easy image and cine loop saving to an internal disk and ability to export images
  • External ports: USB 2.0, LAN, VGA


Technical data

Unit weight   3.5 kg (without attached battery)
Dimensions   32.5 x 21.0 x 8.0 cm
Frequency   2 to 14 MHz (depending on the probe type used)
Image presentation (projection) mode   B Mode, B+B Mode, B+M Mode
Doppler   PWD (Pulse Wave Doppler), Color Doppler, PDI (Power Doppler)
Probes   convex 2–8 MHz,
microconvex 4–9 MHz,
linear 60 mm 5–10 MHz,
linear 40 mm 6–14 MHz,
endovaginal 9–4 MHz,
endorectal 5–10 MHz
Dynamic focus   yes
Number of head ports   one port
Monitor   10.4” LCD with LED backlight, LCD touch panel
User panel   menu in English, control of all parameter image optimisation setting
Dimensioning   high-quality imaging, 256 greyscale shades,
extensive diagnostic possibilities, full dimensioning options
Power supply   1. AC adapter – power in: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, ~1.5 A; power out: 18 V DC, ~3.34 A
2. bartery pack Li-Ion, 14.4V, 6,2Ah
Power consumption   ~ 2,2 A
Continuous operation on fully charged battery   about 2 hours
External ports   USB 2.0, LAN, VGA
Memory   image and cine loop saving to an internal disk with description, pacient’s data and date
Low bartery indicator   graphic presentation of battery level

Working temperature

   +10°C to +45°C
Storage temperature     +5°C to +45°C


Portable ultrasound

Light, fully mobile. Operates on AC power or battery. Complex ultrasound diagnostics at the patient’s bed.

 … and more

  • Changing a probe without turning off the device.
  • The system automatically recognises a connected probe.
  • Presets for various parts of the human body (abdominal membrane, small organs, vessels, etc.).
  • Personal settings.
  • Accessories: a stand on wheels, metal base, extra batteries, transport case


The set includes:

  • body,
  • support,
  • stand (optional),
  • one probe (optional: convex 2-8 MHz/50 EP, convex 2-5MHz/60EP, linear 6-14MHz/40EP, linear 5-10 MHz/40EP, linear 5-10MHz/60EP ),
  • power supply,
  • charger with a cable,
  • two batteries (an option to buy more),
  • transport case,
  • scriber,
  • manual.

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