Máy đo độ ẩm bê tông Elcometer 7000S

  • Hãng sản xuất: ELCOMETER
    Model: 7000S
    • Yêu cầu báo giá Yêu cầu báo giá
  • Giá (chưa thuế) 9,722,000 VND
    Giá (bao gồm thuế) 10,694,200 VND
  • Gọi để có giá tốt

    Hanoi: (024) 35.381.269

    Đà Nẵng: (0236) 3 74 77 11

    TP.HCM: (028) 38.119.636

Dải đo: 70-999 tương đối; Khô (màu xanh): 70 - 169; Nguy cơ (màu vàng): 170-199; ướt (màu đỏ): 200-999
Độ sâu đo: lên đến 19mm
Màn hình:  LCD với các chỉ số màu sắc riêng biệt
Kích thước: 175 x 48 x 50mm
Trọng lượng: 195g
Nguồn cung cấp: pin 9V (~ 20 giờ sử dụng liên tục)
Danh mục đóng gói: máy chính 7000, pin, hộp đựng và hướng dẫn sử dụng

Chi tiết


Elcometer 7000 Digital Moisture Meters

The Elcometer 7000 range offers accurate and easy to use moisture measurement.

Available with pin probes or non-invasive for non-destructive testing, the gauges give average moisture content by comparing the change in impedance between damp and acceptably dry substrates.

  • Calibrated ready for use
  • Instant readings on a clear, easy to read scale
  • Fully portable, battery operated and non-destructive


Types of Moisture Meters

On porous materials such as concrete, plaster, brick, wood, the moisture content of the substrate should be measured, as the presence of moisture within a material will result in poor adhesion, premature coating failure and poor appearance.

It is not sufficient to simply ensure that the surface is dry as often the surface of the substrate is the driest point – due to evaporation. It is important to establish the moisture content within the substrate itself.

When powder coating wooden panels, for example, if the wood (or mdf) has too high a moisture content, as the panel passes through the oven, the moisture is heated, generating steam – causing significant coating finish issues.

Applying a coating to a concrete floor which is too damp can cause premature adhesion failure. Moisture meters have been developed to specifically determine the level of moisture in a substrate and come in two forms:

Pin-type moisture meters: Invasive pins are pushed firmly into the surface of the substrate being measured and by measuring the electrical resistance between the pin electrodes provide the percentage moisture content (%MC) in the substrate.

Pinless, contact-type moisture meters: Whilst pinless meters typically measure moisture content faster and are non-destructive they do require a relatively flat surface because the sensors are mounted on the base of the gauge making them ideal for concrete.

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