Máy đo sơn ô tô Elcometer A311CFBI (0-500μm, tích hợp đầu đo trên thép)

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Hãng sản xuất: Elcometer
Model: A311CFBI
Xuất xứ: Anh
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Tích hợp loại đầu dò: Thép (F)
Tốc độ đọc chính xác, nhanh: 60 + đọc mỗi phút
Độ chính xác: ± 5% hoặc ± 20μm (1.0mil)
Độ phân giải: 10μm (0.5mil)
Độ dày bề mặt tối thiểu: Thép: 800μm (30mils)
Dải đo: 0-500μm (0-20mils)
Nhiệt độ hoạt động: -10 đến 50 ° C (14 đến 122 ° F)
Độ ẩm tương đối (RH): 0-95%
Nguồn cung cấp: 2 Pin x AA hoặc qua cổng USB (sạc pin cũng có thể được sử dụng)
Thời lượng pin: Alkaline: Khoảng 16 giờ; Lithium: Khoảng 24 giờ
Kích thước máy đo: 14.1 x 7.30 x 3.70cm
Trọng lượng máy đo (bao gồm pin): 156g (5.5oz)
Đóng gói: Máy chính 311, 2 pin AA, miếng kiểm tra thép và nhôm, lá kiểm tra chuẩn, dây đeo tay, hộp chống va đập, chứng nhận kiểm thử hiệu chuẩn của hãng, hướng dẫn sử dụng



The New Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter

The new Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter is the fastest automotive paint gauge on the market today, used to instantly measure paint thickness and provide an indication of the overall condition of paint work.

With instant material recognition, the Elcometer 311 FNF Paint Meter switches between steel and aluminium panels and is ideal for use in all weather conditions.

The Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter allows the user to quickly identify vehicle damage not reported in public or commercial condition reports including:

  • hidden rework
  • vehicle impact damage
  • vehicle respray
  • filled body panels

Compatible with ElcoMaster® software and ElcoMaster® Mobile App, individual paint thickness readings can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth®  to PC or a mobile device for analysis and instant report generation.


Paint Thickness Inspection


Key features and benefits of the Elcometer 311 paint gauge include:


  • Fast reading rate of 60+ readings per minute significantly reduces inspection times
  • Switches instantly to measure coatings on steel & aluminium1
  • Ergonomic design gives you maximum comfort when measuring vehicles all day
  • Automatic temperature compensation accurately measures in desert or alpine conditions alike
  • Wirelessly connect the Elcometer 311 via Bluetooth® to your own inspection app or ElcoMaster® for seamless reporting2
  • Automatic rotating display allows you to read the thickness value on horizontal & vertical surfaces
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness to your lighting condition
  • Dust & waterproof rugged design equivalent to IP64, ideal for measuring in wet or dry conditions
  • Large easy to read values in mils & microns
  • Scratch, solvent & water surfaces resistant colour display for protection against accidental damage


The New Elcometer 311 Automotive Paint Meter

Technical Specification


Model B

Model B

Model T

Part Number




Calibration Test Certificate

Built in Probe Type


Steel & Aluminium

Steel & Aluminium

Fast accurate reading rate;

60+ readings per minute

On screen statistics

Number of readings, n
Average (mean), x
Lowest reading, Lo
Elcometer Index Value (EIV)



Wireless Data output

via Bluetooth® or USB




±5% or ±20μm (1.0mil)


10μm (0.5mil)

Minimum Substrate Thickness2

Steel: 800μm (30mils)
Aluminum: 300μm (12mils) - FNF gauges only

Measurement Range

0-500μm (0-20mils)

Operating Temperature

-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)

Relative Humidity (RH)

0 to 95%

Power Supply

2 x AA Batteries or via USB
(rechargeable batteries can also be used)

Battery Life3

Alkaline: Approximately 16 hours
Lithium: Approximately 24 hours

Gauge Dimensions

14.1 x 7.30 x 3.70cm (5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46”)

Gauge Weight
(including batteries)

156g (5.5oz)

Packing List

Elcometer 311 gauge, 2 x AA batteries, steel & aluminium check pieces*, calibration check foil, wrist strap, impact resistant

carry case, calibration test certificate, operating instructions, 2 year warranty extension card.

* F models: Steel Check Piece FNF models: Steel & Aluminium Check Pieces

1 Whichever is the greater
2 For specified accuracy
3 Rechargeable batteries may differ




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