Máy siêu âm khuyết tật Elcometer FD700 (0.01~30480mm, A/B-scan, đo qua lớp sơn, ghi dữ liệu, RS232, băng thông rộng)

  • Cam kết chất lượng
  • Bảo hành chính hãng
  • Giao hàng tận nơi
  • Đơn giản hóa giao dịch

Hãng sản xuất: Elcometer
Model: FD700
Xuất xứ: Anh
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Màn hình A-scan: chỉnh +, chỉnh - , dạng sóng đầy đù (RF)
Chế độ dò vết nứt: RIG, DAC, AWS, TCG, Zero Crossing, sườn, đỉnh
Chế độ đo: PE, PETP (bù nhiệt), EE (đo qua lớp sơn), EEV, CT (lớp phủ) & PECT
Tốc độ đo:
+ Bằng tay: 4 giá trị đọc mỗi giây
+ Chế độ scan: 32 giá trị đọc mỗi giây
+ Màn hình thanh scan: 6 giá trị đọc mỗi giây
Dải đo: PE: 0.63 - 30480mm, PETP: 0.63 - 30480mm, EE: 1.27 - 102mm, EEV: 1.27 - 25.4mm, CT: 0.01 - 2.54mm, PECT: 0.63 - 30480mm, PECT: 0.01 - 2.54mm
Độ chính xác: ± 1% hoặc ±0.1mm
Độ phân giải: 0.01 mm
Hiệu chuẩn vận tốc: 256 - 16,000m/s
Băng tần: Băng rộng 1.8 - 19 MHz
Kiểu pin: 3 pin AA
Thời lượng pin: 12 giờ, hiển thị pin yếu
Kích thước (w x h x d): 63.5 x 165.0 x 31.5mm
Trọng lượng (bao gồm pin): 397g
Giao tiếp RS232: Bi-directional
Kiểu kết nối đầu dò: LEMO
Danh mục đóng gói: Máy chính, hộp đựng, hướng dẫn sử dụng, chứng nhận kiểm thử, 3 pin AAA, phần mềm Elcomaster,

Lưu ý: máy chưa gồm đầu dò, chọn đầu dò tham khảo Datasheet Transducer



Datasheet Transducer

FD700 Mini Flaw Detectors

The hand-held FD700 flaw detector range combines state-of-the-art flaw detection with advanced material thickness capabilities.

The Elcometer FD700 Mini Flaw Detector is available in two models: FD700+ and FD700DL+.

Whether you are on-site or in the laboratory these gauges are the tool you need for all your flaw detecting needs.

The time corrected gain (TCG) feature automatically compensates for sound attenuation through a material, further increasing the performance of the gauge.

The FD700DL+ stores up to 8,000 readings with A/B-scan images in alpha numeric batches with full data logging via RS232 data output to ElcoMaster® data management software.


FD700 Flaw Detection 


  • Exceptional visibility in sunlight (AMOLED)
  • colour VGA display (320x240 pixels)
  • Sizing Toolkits: DAC, AWS, TCG, DGS
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency: 8 to 333 Hz, adjustable
  • Screen Refresh Rate: Adjustable 60 & 120 Hz
  • Detection: Z-Cross, Flank & Peak
  • Automatic: probe zero, probe recognition, and temperature compensation
  • Measurement: Variety of modes to address a number of applications
  • Large data storage with multiple formats: Alpha numeric grid and sequential with auto identifier
  • Download to ElcoMaster® data management software



Pulsed Echo (P-E) Measurement Mode Echo Echo (E-E) Measurement Mode Pulsed Echo Temp Comp (PETP) Measurement Mode Pulsed Echo Coating Thickness (PECT) Measurement Mode Echo Echo Verify (EEV) Measurement Mode Coating Thickness (CT) Measurement Mode Automatic Gain Control (ACG) B-Scan A-Scan

 Distance Amplitude Correction (DAC) American Weld Standard (AWS) AVG/DGS Time Corrected Gain (TCG)

FD700 Mini Flaw Detectors

Technical Specification

Model & Part Number

FD700+& FD700DL+

Material thickness digits display

B-Scan cross sectional display

B-Scan with digits display

Scan bar display

Coating thickness display

A-Scan display

+ Rectified, - Rectified, Full Waveform (RF) 

Flaw detection modes

TRIG, DAC, AWS, TCG, Zero Crossing, Flank, Peak

Measurement Mode1

PE, PETP (Temp Compensation),
EE (ThruPaint™), EEV, CT (Coating) & PECT

Measurement Rate (Thickness Mode)
Scan mode
Scan bar display

4 readings per second
32 readings per second
6 readings per second

Measuring Range2

PE: 0.63 - 30480mm (0.025 - 1,200 inches)
PETP: 0.63 - 30480mm (0.025 - 1,200 inches)
EE: 1.27 - 102mm (0.050 - 4.000 inches)
EEV: 1.27 - 25.4mm (0.050 - 1.000 inch)
CT: 0.01 - 2.54mm (0.0005 - 0.100 inch)
PECT: 0.63 - 30480mm (0.025 - 1,200 inches)
PECT: 0.01 - 2.54mm (0.0005 - 0.100 inch)

Measurement Accuracy2

± 1% or ±0.1mm whichever is the greater

Measurement Resolution

0.01mm (0.001 inch)

Velocity Calibration Range

256 - 16,000m/s (0.0100 - 0.6300in/ms)

Additional Features:


High speed scan mode

Differential mode

Limit alarm mode

B-Scan display speed

adjustable display speed

Calibration setups

6 factory & 64 user-definable setups
transferrable to and from a PC archive


3 fully adjustable gates:
start, stop, width & threshold


adjustable; impedance matching for
optimising transducer performance

Pulser type

dual 200 Volt square wave pulsers with
adjustable pulse width (spike, thin, wide)
and 50 Volt cut/boost for greater penetration


manual, automatic gain control (AGC)
with 110dB range with 0.2dB resolution


precision 25MHz TCXO with single shot
100MHz 8bit ultra low power 8 bit digitizer

Data logging

Only FD700DL+

• 8,000 with A/B-scan image & gauge settings
• 210,000 - coating, material, min, max thickness
• sequential and grid logging
• Alpha numeric batch identification
• OBSTRUCT indicates inaccessible locations

Calibration Options

single, two point, velocity & material type

Transducer recognition


V-path / dual path error correction


Probe zero


Flaw Detection Mode Features


Longitudinal (straight),
or Shear (angle)

Probe Types

Single Contact, Dual, Delay & Angle

Material Velocity Table

Contains longitudinal and shear
velocities for a variety of material types


Trigonometric display of beam path,
depth, surface distance, and curved surface correction.
Used with angle beam transducers


Up to 8 points may be entered and used to digitally
draw a DAC curve. Reference -2, -6, -10, (-6/-12),
(-6/-14), (-2/-6/-10) dB. Amplitude displayed in
%DAC, dB, or %FSH


Automatic defect sizing in accordance with AWS
D1.1 structural welding code.


Automatic defect sizing using probe
data. Stores up to 64 custom setups


Time corrected gain. 50 dB dynamic range, 20 dB
per microsecond, up to 8 points for curve definition

Detection Modes

Zero Crossing, Flank and Peak

Display Freeze

Hold current waveform on screen

Peak Memory

Captures peak signal amplitude.


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