Máy kiểm tra bê tông hiển thị số Elcometer W182---4 (2.207 Nm, thiết lập đơn vị đo)

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Hãng sản xuất: Elcometer
Model: W182---4
Xuất xứ: Anh
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Lực tác động: 2.207 Nm
Độ chính xác: ± 2  số rebound
Dải đo: 10 đến 70 MPa
Bộ nhớ: 5000 lần kiểm tra
Sử dụng liên tục: > 5 giờ
Thiết lập đơn vị đo: N/mm2; MPa; kg/cm2; PSI
Trọng lượng: 2 kg
Kích thước:  280 mm x 55 mm (máy kiểm tra);  190 x 100 x 350mm ( (hộp đựng)
Danh mục đóng gói: Máy chính 182, sạc pin, cáp nối tiếp cho PC, đá mài, hướng dẫn sử dụng, chứng nhận hiệu chuẩn và hộp đựng


Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer

The Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer is equipped with an electronic transducer which converts the rebound values into a reading on the digital display.

It displays a range of statistics and there is a facility to download to a PC.

The software and digital display are integrated into the design of the hammer.

  • Light and easy to use
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Possibility to store measurements and download data to PC
  • Setting of test parameters and factors (age, shape, correction factors)
  • Rapid and simple calibration procedure
  • Selection of testing angle
  • Selection of unit (N/mm2, MPa, PSI, kgf/cm2) Automatic conversion of rebound index to equivalent compression strength
  • Selection between 7 different correlation curves between rebound index and compressive strength, 2 pre-set and 5 user definable
  • Statistical evaluation of test results (mean value, standard deviation, concrete strength estimation)
  • Supplied with abrasive stone to prepare test surface
  • Storage of up to 5,000 results
  • RS 232 output to PC
  • Rechargeable internal battery

Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Technical Specification

Part Number




Elcometer 182 Digital Concrete Test Hammer

Impact Energy

2.207 Nm



Better than ± 2 Rebound Number(s) (When tested on Calibration Anvil at 80)



0.1 Rebound Number



10 to 70 MPa



5000 tests


Unit Selection

N/mm2; MPa; kg/cm2; PSI


Autonomy (Continous Use)

>5 Hours



Hammer: 280mm (11.02") length x 55mm (2.17") diameter

In Case: 190 x 100 x 350mm (7.48" x 3.94" x 13.78")



2kg (4.4lbs) with case


Packing List

Hammer, battery charger (UK, EUR & US), serial cable for PC, abrasive stone, instruction manual, calibration certificate and carry case


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