ADWA AD3230B Single junction epoxy ORP platinum band electrode with 1 meter cable and BNC connector

  • Manufacturer: Adwa
    Model: AD3230B
    Origin: Rumani
    Guarantee: 6 month
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Manufacturer: ADWA

Model: AD3230B

Origin: Rumani

Warranty: 6 months

Reference: Single Ag/AgCl

Junction/Flow rate: Ceramic, single

Electrolyte: Gel 

Max. Pressure: 2 bar 

Range: ORP: +2000mV

Recommended Operational Temperature: -5 to 70°C (23 to 158°F)

Tip/Shape: -5 to 70°C (23 to 158°F)

Temperature Sensor: No 

Body Material: PEI 

Cable: Coaxical: 1m (3.3’) 

Connector: BNC  



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