EBP UTM-100MS Servo motor Universal Testing Machine with PC control (100kN)

  • Manufacturer: EBP
    Model: UTM-100MS
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: EBP

Model: UTM-100MS

Origin: China

Warranty: 12 months

Max. load: 100kN

Structure: Four-column floor model, (upper is tensile and lower is compression; upper is compression and lower is tensile)

Control method: Computer automation control

Load accuracy: 1 class/0.5 class

Load range: 2%~100%F•S/0.4%-100% FS

Resolution: 1/300000

Measuring range of deformation: 0.2%-100%

Accuracy Indication of deformation: ≤±0.5%

Disp. indicating relative error: ≤±1%

Displacement Resolution: 0.04um

Adjusting range of control rate of load: 0.005~5%FS/S

Control precision of control rate of load:

1. When rate < 0.05% FS/s, the precision is within ± 2% of setting value;

2. When rate ≥ 0.005%FS/s, the precision is within ± 1% of setting value

Adjustment scope of deformation rate: 0.005-5%FN/S

Accuracy of deformation rate:

1. Test Speed<0.05%FN/s,within the ±2% of the preset value, 2. Test Speed≥0.05%FN/s,within the ±0.5% of the preset value

Adjusting range of displacement rate: 0.05-200mm/min(can be customized)

Control precision of displacement rate:

1. When rate < 0.5mm/min, within ± 1% of setting value

2.When rate ≥ 0.5mm/min, within ± 0.5% of setting value Scope of the consistent load deformation and displacement control: 0.5%~100%FS

Accuracy of the consistent load deformation and displacement control:

1. Preset value≥10%FN, within the ±0.1% of preset value;

2. Preset value<10%FN, within the ±1% of preset value

Tensile space: 600mm (can be customized)

Compression space: 600mm (can be customized)

Test width: 450mm (can be customized)

Load Cell Configuration: One(max load), more load cells can be added according to customer requirement

Extend configuration: Large deformation extensometer, high or low temperature teste chamber, high temperature oven

Power supply: AC220/380V±10%,50Hz (can be customized)

Grips: Manual grip/Hydraulic automatic grip

Dimension: 750*510*1900mm

Weight 400 kg


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