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ESCO EAS-1A9 Cleanroom Air Showers (915x920x2080mm)

External Dimensions (W x D x H): 1385 x 1040 x 2205 mm

Internal Work Area, Dimensions (W x D x H): 915x920x2080mm 

Clear Door Opening (WxH): 815 x 2030 mm (32" x 79.9")

Air Change (30-18 m/s): 110-182/Hr

Initial Airflow Velocity: 18-30 m/s (3,543 - 5,906 fpm)

Number of Nozzles: 6

Air Shower Duration: Factory set at 12 seconds (adjustable)

Persons Per Cycle: 1

Personnel Flow (Persons / Min.): 3/ Above figures based on: Total Cycle Time of 20 seconds (12 seconds of Air Shower + 4 seconds for buffer time + 5 second blower stopping time delay / personnel

Filtration Efficiency: 

Main Filter: >99.9999% at 0.3 µm 

Pre-Filter: Arrestance 85%, efficiency 20%

Filtration Elements: 

Main Filter: H14 filter

Pre-Filter: Disposable and non-washable polyester fibers

LED light: 1 x 19W

Air Shower Construction: 1.5 mm/ 0.06"/18 electro-galvanised steel / White oven-baked epoxy antimicrobial powder-coated finish 

Electrical: 120-110V, AC, 60/50Hz, 1Ø




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