Hi-Q TFIA-2 Portable HI-Vol Samplers

  • Manufacturer: HI-Q
    Model: TFIA-2
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Motor/Pump Brushed, 2-Stage Blower.
Main Housing Sturdy Lightweight Dural
Max Flow Rate
TFIA w/ 4" holder 40 CFM (w/ FP2063-102)
25 CFM (w/ FP5211-102)
Max Flow Rate
TFIA w/ 8" x 10" holder 70CFM (w/ FP2063-810)
CFM (w/ FP5211-810)
Unit Net Weight 9 lbs.
Shipping Weights & Dimensions 13 lbs., one box.
10½" x 10½" x 13½"
TFIA TFIA-2 115 VAC, 50/60Hz., 9.0 Amp (230 VAC, 50/60Hz., 5.5 Amp)
Filter Holders & Adapters See Filter Holders
Flow Calibrator See Air Flow Calibrators
Filter Paper See Filter Paper For Air Sampling
Filter Cartridges See Analytical Cartridges
Annular Kinetic Impactors See Size Selective Inlets

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