Itech IT8512A+ Programmable DC Electronic Load (0-150V ; 0-30A; 300W)

  • Manufacturer: ITECH
    Model: IT8512A+
    Origin: China
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Manufacture: Itech
Model : IT8512A+
Warranty : 12 months

- Input:
+ Voltage: 0-150V
+ Power: 300 W
+ Current: 0-30A
-Dimension: 214.5W x 88.2Hx 354.6D mm



Dynamic mode:up to 10KHZ
 Resoulution of voltage and current:0.1mV/0.1mA
 Four working modes:CV/CC/CR/CP
 Remote sensing function
 Battery test,automatic test,OPP test,OCP test funcitions.
 Storage for 100 sets
 Short-circuit function
 Current monitoring funciton
 Power off memory function
 With rotary coding switch to make an easy operation

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