KMT KTC-103 HVAC Temperature & Humidity Controller (Large Type) (-40℃~150℃, 30~98 %)

  • Manufacturer: KMT
    Model: KTC-103 (large type)
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacruter: KMT

Model: KTC-103

Origin: Korea

Warrenty: 12 months

Application: All products requiring constant temperature and humidity control 

Size : Subject to change to meet the order specification

※ Subject to change to meet the order specification

Cooling System : Low Temperature (Dual Cool)

                         High Temperature (Single Cool0

Temperature Range : -40℃~150℃ ±0.5℃

Humidity Range : 30 ~ 98 % ± 2%

Control : PID Control

Temperature & Humidity Controller : Program Digital Auto Turning Controller

Touch Screen Type : TEMP 2,500

Power : AC380 / 220V, 50 ~ 60Hz selectable

Freezer : Outdoor, Indoor Selectable



The tester is to compare before and after testing by imposing temperature, humidity or 

other environmental changes to the product or specimen to be tested.

This Test aims to identify and systemize various kinds of effects in the physical and 

chemical conditions that may occur during seasonal changes and transportation and applying them to products.


▪ The temperature and humidity control method is adapted with PID Auto Tuning, 

enabling it to control with precise temperature and humidty as well as unmanned operation.

▪ The temperature and humidity conrol method isadapted with PID Auto Tuning,  

enabling it to control with precise temperature and humidity as well as unmanned operation.

KM&T is a famous manufacturer in Korea. They have grown into a specialized manufacturer of material property testing machines for metal, non-metal, plastic, rubber, etc 


On September 26, 2019, KMT representatives visited the EMIN Vietnam office in Hanoi. During the visit, KMT expressed their desire to work with EMIN, to bring good quality products at the most affordable & suitable price to Vietnam market.

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