KYORITSU 2002PA Digital Clamp Meter

  • Manufacturer: KYORITSU
    Model: 2002PA
    Origin: Thailand
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  • Price (exclude tax) 2,530,000 VND
    Price (include tax) 2,783,000 VND
  • Instock: 8 Unit
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+ Hiện thị số
+ Đường kính kìm kẹp ф : 55mm
+ Dải Đo dòng AC : 400A/2000A
Với 0-400A : 
±1%rdg±3dgt [50/60Hz]
±2%rdg±3dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
Với 0-1500A :
±1%rdg±3dgt [50/60Hz]
±3%rdg±3dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
Với 2000A : ±3.0%rdg [50/60Hz]
+ Dải đo điện áp AC : 40/400/750V
±1%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]
±1.5%rdg±3dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
+ Dải đo điện áp DC : 40/400/1000V
+ Dải đo điện trở Ω : 400Ω/4k/40k/400kΩ
+ Kiểm tra liên tục : Còi kêu (50±35Ω)
+ Đầu ra : 400mA (400A) và 200mA (2000A)
+ Tần số hưởng ứng : 40Hz~1kHz
Nguồn :     R6P (AA) (1.5V) × 2
Kích thước :     247(L) × 105(W) × 49(D)mm
Khối lượng :   470g approx.

Can measure large AC current up to 2000A.
Peak hold function.
55mm-dia large tear drop shaped jaws.

Ω PEAK 10ms OUT PUT Continuity
AC A 400A (0~400A)
|±1%rdg±3dgt [50/60Hz]
|±2%rdg±3dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
2000A (0~1500A)
|±1%rdg±3dgt [50/60Hz]
|±3%rdg±3dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
2000A (1500~2000A)
|±3.0%rdg [50/60Hz]
AC V 40/400/750V
|±1%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]
|±1.5%rdg±3dgt [40Hz~1kHz]
DC V 40/400/1000V ±1%rdg±2dgt
Ω 400Ω/4k/40k/400kΩ|±1.5%rdg±2dgt
Continuity buzzer buzzer sounds below 50±35Ω
Recorder : DC400mV against AC400A
  DC200mV against AC2000A
Conductor Size Ø55mm max.
Safety Standard
IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 600V
    CAT.II 1000V
IEC 61010-2-031
IEC 61010-2-032
Frequency Response 40Hz~1kHz
Withstand Voltage 5550V AC for 1 minute
Power Source R6P (AA) (1.5V) × 2
Dimensions 247(L) × 105(W) × 49(D)mm
Weight 470g approx.
Accessories 7107A (Test leads)
(Output Plug)
9094 (Carrying Case)
R6P (AA) × 2
Instruction Manual
Optional 8008 (Multi-Tran)
7014 (Output cord)
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