Labstac BC216 Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet

Type: Class II, Type A2

HEPA Filter: 2

HEPA Filter Efficiency: 99.999% efficiency at 0.3 µm. Filter life Indicator

Air Circulation: 0.7

Exhaust Air: 0.3

Inflow Velocity: 0.53±0.025 m/s

Down Flow Velocity: 0.33±0.025 m/s

Fluorescent Lamp: 40Wx2

UV Lamp: 15 Wx1

Illumination: ≥1000 lux

Work Surface Height: 750 mm

Tested Opening: 200 mm

Max Opening: 370 mm

Inner Dimension (WxDxH): 600x500x540 mm

Overall Dimension (WxDxH): 700x650x1230 mm

Package Size: 860x960x1450 mm (with base stand) 860x800x1450 mm (without base stand)

Caster: Universal Wheel with brake and levelling feet

Front Window: two layer laminated toughened glass ≥5 mm, Anti UV

Clean Level: Class 100

Control System: Microprocessor  

Socket: Two, Total load of two sockets: 500 W

Noise Level: EN12469≤58 dB / NSF≤61 dB

Weight: 196 kg (with base stand) 164 kg (without base stand)

Power: 500 W

Power Supply: 220 V~240 V/50 Hz~60 Hz; 110 V~130 V/60 Hz  


BX1026 Fluorescent Lamp

BX1027 UV Lampx2

BX1028 Base Stand

BX1029 Remote Control

BX1030 Foot switch

BX1031 Drain Valve

BX1032 Waterproof Sockets

Optional Accessories: 

BX1001 Infrared Sterilizer (External Dimension: 150x95x210 mm )

BX1002 Airflow Tester

BX1003 Formalin Fumigation Sterilizer (Package Size: 300x200x160mm)

BX1004 Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate Neutralizer (Package Size: 300x200x160mm)

BX1005 Armrest

BX1006 Laboratory Chair

BX1007 Dust Particle Counter

BX1008 Digital Sound Level Meter

BX1009 Illumination Meter

BX1010 Air Flow Anemometer

BX1011 Protective Garment

BX1012 Protective Gloves

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