Labstac BT133 Dual Temperature Control Dry Bath

Temperature Range: 0-100°C

Display Precision: 0.1°C

Temperature Precision: ±0.5°C

Temperature Uniformity: ±0.5°C

Operation Ambient Temperature: 8-30°C

Time Range: 1 min-23 h 59 min

Time for Cooling: 2.5°C / min (25-4°C)

Time for Heating: ≤11°C / min (25°C to 75°C)

Outer Dimension (WxDxH): 185x185x90 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

Power Supply: 12 V DC, 7A

Optional Accessories: 

BX7166 Block 0.2 mL 24-well Block

BX7167 Block 0.5 mL 12-well Block

BX7168 Block 1.5 mL 6-well Block

BX7169 Block 2.0 mL 6-well Block

BX7170 Block 15 mL 6-well Block

BX7171 Block 50 mL 3-well Block

BX7172 Block 96-well/Flat Bottom Block

BX7173 Block 1.5/2.0ml adaptors (6/pack)

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