PROSKIT 1PK-1900NB Electronic Tool Kit (220V, Metric)

  • Manufacturer: PROSKIT
    Model: 1PK-1900NB
    Origin: Taiwan
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  • Price (exclude tax) 5,800,000 VND
    Price (include tax) 6,380,000 VND
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103-132C Utility component storage box
PM-736 Long nose plier 135mm
PM-737 Diagonal cutting plier 110mm
PM-754 Flat nose plier 135mm
PM-755 Bent nose plier 130mm
1PK-051DS Dual Color Linemans plier
1PK-108T Reverse action tweezer
1PK-500B-2 Super drill set w/adaptor 220V
9S002A/B/C 3pcs soldering aid tools
1PK-362D Soldering iron stand with sponge
1PK-H026 Adjustable wrench 6inch
SI-130B-20 Ceramic soldering iron 220V
19412 Screwdriver handle
19400-M5/9408 altPro-soft s/d 3/16"(inch) or 5mm(metric)
19400-M6/9409 alt Pro-soft s/d 1/4"(inch) or 6mm(metric)
89401A alt Pro-soft s/d 3.2x75mm
89401B alt Pro-soft s/d #0x75mm
89402A alt Pro-soft s/d 5.0x75mm
89402B alt Pro-soft s/d #1x75mm
89407A-Lalt Pro-soft s/d 6.0x57mm
89407B-L alt Pro-soft s/d #2x57mm
89414B alt Pro-soft s/d #2x157mm
89416B alt Pro-soft s/d #1x150mm
SD-220A alt Pro-soft screwdriver 6.0x40mm
SD-220B alt Pro-soft screwdriver #2 x40mm
8PK-154 Brush 
8PK-313A/B Crimping tool (inch) or (metric)
8PK-366N-G Desoldering pump
8PK-509 Precision s/d set 6pcs
8PK-605A 5pcs needle file set
8PK-C001 Mini-vacuum kit
9C002 Cleaning fluid, head (60cc)
9C003 Cleaning fluid, head (18cc)
MT-1210 3-1/2 compact digital multimeter
908-328G Testing screwdriver
908-609 IC extractor
908-900-2 Pallet for 1PK-900N
9FL-507 Flash light
9H002/9H002A 7pcs folding type hex key set (inch) or (metric)
9H003 3 prong holder
9IT PVC insulated tape
9K002 Stainless scissors 6inch
9S001 Solder core 63%, SN
9SD013CT-1 alt Bit T10x30mm
9SD013CT-2 alt Bit T15x30mm
AS-611 Wrist strap 10FT
DK-2039 Utility knife (3 blades self loading)
HW-609A/B 10pcs electronic combination wrench (inch) or (metric)
PD-374 Hobby vise (Jaw opening 40mm /width 60mm)
9PK-730N Aluminum frame tool case w/1 pallet
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