Sonel MPI-508 Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter

  • Manufacturer: SONEL
    Model: MPI-508
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Short circuit loop measurements:
- nominal voltage of the network: 115/200V, 127/220V, 220/380V, 230/400V or 240/415V with frequency 45...65Hz
- short circuit loop impedance measurement with 15mA current and resolution 0,01Ω without tiggering RCD

Testing AC, A residual current circuit breakers
- testing of standard and selective RCDs for the rated current values 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 mA,

Low voltage resistance, continuity of equipotential bondings and protective conductors measurements.

-  measurement of continuity of protective conductors with >200mA current in two directions 
- compensation of the resistance of the test leads - possibility to use any lead

Phase sequence test.

Measurement and logging of AC voltage and current, frequency and power using additional clamp.

Memory of the results of measurement 990 cells, 10000 records.

Short circuit loop impedance measurement ZL-PE, ZL-N, ZL-L
Measurement using 23/40A current measurement range in accordance with
IEC 61557: 0,13...1999,9Ω (for 1,2m lead):

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Display range Resolution Accuracy
0,00...19,99Ω 0,01Ω ±(5% m.v +5 dgt)
20,0...199,9Ω 0,1Ω

• nominal work voltage UnL-N/ UnL-L: 115/200V, 127/220V, 220/380V, 230/400V, 
• Voltage operating range: 100…264V (for ZL-PE i ZL-N) and 100…440V (for ZL-L)
• Nominal network frequency fn: 50Hz, 60Hz 
• Frequency operating range: 45…65Hz
• Max. test current: 23A (przy 230V), 44A (przy 440V)
• PE terminal connection corectores check with the help of touch electrode (ZL-PE)

Short circuit loop impedance ZL-PE RCD
Measurement using 15mA,current measurement range in accordance with IEC 61557:  0,50...1999,9Ω

Display range Resolution Accuracy
0,00...19,99Ω 0,01Ω ±(6% m.v + 10 dgt)
20,0...199,9Ω 0,1Ω ±(6% m.v + 5 dgt)

• No RCD reaction for IΔn ≥ 30mA
• Nominal work voltage Un: 115V, 127V, 220V, 230V, 240V
• Voltage range: 100…264V
• Nominal network frequency fn: 50Hz, 60Hz
• Frequency operating range: 45…65Hz
• PE terminal connection corectores check with the help of touch electrode


Insulation resistance measurement:
• forUN = 250V: 250kΩ...1GΩ
• for UN = 500V: 500kΩ...2GΩ
• for UN = 1000V: 1MΩ...3GΩ


Display range*)
Resolution Accuracy
0...1999kΩ 1kΩ
±(3% m.v. + 8 dgt)
2,00...19,99MΩ 0,01MΩ
20,0...199,9MΩ 0,1MΩ
200...999MΩ 1MΩ
200...1999MΩ 1MΩ
2,00...3,00GΩ 0,01GΩ ±(4% m.v. + 6 dgt)


*)  limited to measurement range

• Test voltages: 250V, 500V i 1000V
• Detection of votage before measurement
• automatic discharge of tested object after measurement
• Multiwired cables (max 5) insulation resistence measurement with additional adapter (AutoISO 1000A)
• measurement of voltage at the terminals +RISO, -RISO in range: 0..440V

Low voltage test of the circuit and insulation continuity
Test of PE wire continuity using a ±200mA current

Range Resolution Accuracy
0,00...19,99Ω 0,01Ω ±(2% m.v. + 3 dgt)
20,0...199,9Ω 0,1Ω

• Voltage on open terminals: 4…7V
• Test current at R<2Ω: min. 200mA at rated battery voltage
• Autocalibration of test leads
• Measurements for both polarizations of the current

RCD measurements (oprerating voltages range: 95...270V)

RCD type Test current
Range Resolution Accuracy
Standard  0,5*IΔn 0...300ms

1 ms

± (2% m.v. + 2 dgt)
2*IΔn 0...150ms
5*IΔn 0...40ms
Selective 0,5*IΔn 0...500ms
2*IΔn 0...200ms
5*IΔn 0...150ms

Precision of the differential current: for 0,5*IΔn:-8...0% for 1*IΔn, 2*IΔn, 5*IΔn: 0...8%


Measurement of the RCD triggering current IA for sine waveform testing current

Resolution Test
10mA 3,3...10,0mA 0,1mA 0,3xIΔn...1,0xIΔn ± 5% IΔn
30mA 9,0...30,0mA
100mA 33...100mA 1mA
300mA 90...300mA
500mA 150...500mA
1000mA 330...1000mA

• It is posible to start the  measurement from the positive or negative half of the 
  forced leaking current

Measurement of the RCD triggering current (IA) for a unidirectional half period sine 
waveform test current with a 6mA direct current offset




10mA 4...20,0mA 0,1mA 0,4 x IΔn ...2,0 x IΔn ±10% IΔn
30mA 12,0...42,0mA 0,4xIΔ..1,4xIΔn
100mA 40,0...140mA 1mA
300mA 120...420mA
 500mA  200...700mA

- a measurement is possible for a positive or negative forced leakage current

“m.v” - measurement value






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