Tenmars ST-141 Vibration Meter (2 Channels, Datalogger, USB)

  • Manufacturer: TENMARS
    Model: ST-141D
    Origin: Taiwan
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Manufacturer: Tenmars

Model: ST-141D

Origin: Taiwan

Warranty: 12 months

Measurement frequency range

Acceleration: 10Hz~1KHz(Lo);10Hz~5KHz(Hi)

Velocity: 10Hz~1KHz

Displacement: 10Hz~1KHz

Measurement range

Acceleration: 0.5~199.9m/s², 0.05~20.39g, 2~656ft/s²

Velocity: 0.5~199.9mm/s, 0.05~19.99cm, 0.02~7.87inch/s

Displacement: 0.005~1.999mm, 0.002~0.078inch


Acceleration/Velocity: RMS, Peak, Max Hold, Hold

Displacement: Peak-Peak, Max Hold, Hold

Accuracy: ± (5% reading ±5 digits),ref. 79.4/158Hz, 23°C,<80%RH

Dimension: 156x73x35(LxWxH)

Power supply: 1.5V AAA alkaline battery x 6

AC adapter: AC 100~240V to DC9V/0.5A

Data stored: 9999 records (ST-140D)


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