Tsuruga 356A insulation Tester (DC 1kV)

Model & Output    356A , Low alarm
Measurement ranges    500V DC, 2000MΩ or 1000V DC , 2000MΩ
Rated measurement current    1 mA
Judgment system    Low limit with digital comparator
Adjustable range    Low limit 0-1999MΩ
Judgment condition    Display value > Low limit value : Good
Sampling    10 times/sec.
Response (Indication)    approx. 0.2 sec.
Mask time    0.1 - 10sec.
Power supply    100 / 200V AC, 50/60HZ
Weight    Approx. 1 kg
Dimensions    206 (W) x 81 (H) x 179 (D) mm
Accessories    Power fuse(1), Power cord(1)

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