Vessel VRS-5 Reaction Control Stand

  • Manufacturer: Vessel
    Model: VRS-5
    Origin: Japan
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Manufacturer: Vessel

Model: VRS-5

Order No: 551081

Origin: Japan


Maximum reaction force (N•m): 4.5

Maximum load (kg): 1.1

Mounted tool outer diameter (mm): 40

Shaft length(mm): 561

Movable range (mm): R300~480

Weight (kg): 0.85

Accessories: Universal bushing (with 1 spare bushing),

Rubber covered bushing

Operating temperature/humidity: 0~40℃ / 10~80%RH

Installation location: Indoor

Material: Steel (stand/shaft), SUS (retainer)

Applicable models: VE-6000 (P, SOP), VE-5000 (P, SOP)




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