Cảm biến đo độ ẩm Finna SMART III NIR

Cảm biến độ ẩm SMART III NIR, dùng để đo và phân tích độ ẩm bề mặt vật liệu bằng công nghệ hồng ngoại gần. Được sử dụng đo nhựa đường · phân bón ·  cát · giấy · dược phẩm · briquets · thực phẩm ăn nhẹ · cao su · bột ngô · bột giặt bột đậu nành · cà phê · hạt · tấm thạch cao · thảm · bột · gạch trần · ván gỗ · sợi gỗ · Mùn cưa · bột viên giặt nhựa · bột gốm · bột sữa · gạch
Dãy đo : 0-60%

Thiết bị sử dụng trong môi trường công nghiệp

Đo gián tiếp vật liệu

Phương pháp đo : hồng ngoại gần

Hiển thi : digital

Nguồn điện cung cấp : 220VAC

Chi tiết

SMART III NIR Moisture Sensor

The SMART III NIR moisture sensor, formerly known as the 910sT NIR, rapidly analyzes the surface of material using near-infrared technology.  It is an ideal product for continuous, non-destructive moisture measurement and coat weight in the 0 to 60% range. More recent upgrades include scaling, gain control, auto-ranging and rapid calibration.

Originally marketed under the brand, Moisture Register, the Finna Group sensor has been installed at hundreds of companies across a variety of industries throughout the world.  Because of its unique design, it is widely recognized as the most rugged and durable near-infrared sensor for industrial applications.

Product Description

With the SMART III Near Infrared (NIR) moisture sensor, formerly known at the 910sT NIR, moisture results are continuous, instantaneous and non-destructive. Process outputs are available to provide automatic moisture control and data logging.

Key Features

  • Non-destructive moisture sensing in the 0-60% range
  • Filtration of reflected energy from sample reduces ambient light and color considerations
  • Simplified optics, no mirror or lenses to align
  • Stable quartz halogen NIR sensor
  • Drift-free temperature stability
  • Auto ranging is used to adjust the NIR Sensor output to an optimum level for reliable processing

Ideal for use with:
asphalt roofing · fertilizer · frac sand · paper · pharmaceuticals · briquets · snack foods · crumb rubber · corn meal · detergent soy meal · coffee · nuts · gypsum board · carpet ·  powders · ceiling tiles · wallboard · wood fiber · sawdust · washed plastic pellets · ceramic powders · milk powder· tiles · and more

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Near Infrared

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