Máy hiệu chuẩn áp suất kiểu tải trọng Fluke P3012-KPA-P (không khí, 1.5 đến 100 kPa, PCU đơn)

Hoạt động bằng không khí
Kiểu PCU đơn
Dải áp suất: 1.5 đến 100 kPa
Độ chính xác: ±0.015%  của giá trị đo
Ngõ ra : 1/8, 1/4, 3/8  và  ½ NPT hoặc BSP (option 5540)
Kích thước: 17.5 W x 12 D x 8.5 H

Chi tiết



- 5540 Metric and 5541 BSP Adapter Sets:
+ P5540 Metric: M14 x 1.5, M20 x 1.5, 1/8 and 1/4 BSP
+ P5541 BSP: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 BSP
+ P5542 NPT: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 NPT
- P5531 Dirt/Moisture Trap: Pressure range 0 to 500 psi (35 bar)
P5532: Dirt/Moisture Trap Pressure range 0 to 3,000 psi (210 bar)
P5543: Angle Adapter:
P5544: Two Gauge Stand
P5551 Pointer Remover/Punch



Accuracy* ±0.015% of reading (±0.008% optional)

*Accuracy based on % of reading from 10% to 100% of the piston range when used in accordance with the corrections found on the calibration certificate. Below 10% ± (accuracy class) x 10% of the piston range.

Mass and PCU Materials of Construction

Standard weight material Series 3 non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel
Weight density 7.8 g/cm³
Optional fractional weights Solution heat treated aluminum
Weight density 2.7 g/cm³
Models P3011, P3012, P3013, P3022, P3023, P3025 (V) Piston Material:                   Ceramic
Cylinder Material:                Martensitic steel
Coefficient of Expansion:     11 ppm/°C
Models P3014, P3015, P3025 (P) P3031, P3032 (P & V) Piston Material:                   Tungsten carbide
Cylinder Material:                Martensitic steel
Coefficient of Expansion:     16.5 ppm/°C
Model P3016 Piston Material:                  Tungsten carbide
Cylinder Material:               Tungsten carbide
Coefficient of Expansion:     11 ppm/°C


Test port adaptors 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and ½ NPT or BSP
Instrument weight 24 lbs
Instrument size 17.5 W x 12 D x 8.5 H
Mass set weight (typical) 65 lbs

Minimum Standard Weight Increments

P3012, P3022 Pressure 1 inH2O, (5 mbar)
P3013, P3023 Pressure 2 inH2O, (10 mbar)
P3014, P3015, P3025 Pressure 1 psi, (0.1bar)
P3016, P3031, P3032 1 psi, (0.1bar)
P3011, P3022, P3023, P3025 Vacuum 0.2 inHg (10 mbar)

Optional Fractional Weights

P3014, P3015, P3025 Pressure 0.1 psi (0.01 bar)

Built-in Hand Pumps

Pressure mode Max pressure 300 psi (20 bar)
Vacuum mode To 90% vacuum

Operating Fluid for Liquid Lubricated Models

55-655 mineral oil (standard)
Krytox for oxygen-safe applications (optional)


PressCal Software Windows-based software program that allows users to easily apply all necessary corrections to enhance the deadweight tester performance. Calibration details are then stored and/or used to automatically create a calibration certificate. PressCal is provided as standard with all 0.008% instruments.
Krytox As operating fluid for liquid lubricated gas operated models.


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