Máy lắc tròn GFL 3020 (20 - 250 vòng/phút, điều khiển số, RS232)

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Hãng sản xuất: GFL
Model: 3020
Xuất xứ: Đức
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Khối lượng mẫu lắc tối đa: 30 kg
Điều khiển: nút ấn số
Kích thước bàn lắc: 676 x 540 mm
Tốc độ lắc: 20 - 250 vòng/phút
Biên độ lắc: 32 mm
Kết nối RS232
Nhiệt độ: +10 °C to +50 °C
Có timer hẹn giờ tắt: 1 phút - 99:59 giờ hoặc hoạt động liên tục
Kích thước máy (W x D x H): 745 x 730 x 135 mm
Nguồn điện: 230 V * / 50 or 60 Hz ** / 90 W
Khối lượng: 40 kg

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 Specifications and features
    Dependable, long-life Orbital Shaker with a large shaking tray for accomodating heavier loads.
    User-friendly microprocessor technique
    Excellently applicable for continuous operation.
    Universally applicable through the large amplitude, low noise.
    Digital shaking frequency readout and setting via LC-display, in steps of 1.0 rpm, gentle start-up.
    Remaining time indication through LC display.
    RS 232 serial interface for trouble-free data transfer.
    Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation.
    An a.c. motor with overload protection drives the unit.
    Compact, low-wear counterbalanced drive mechanism.
    Constant speed, independent of load.
    Large shaking platform made of electrolytically galvanised, powder-coated sheet steel, equipped with four support rods with screw-type clamps for secure attachment of accessories.
    Special rubber pad ensures a non-slip grip of objects on the shaking tray.
    Housing made of high impact strength polystyrene.
    Comprehensive range of accessories
Applications: This powerful orbital shaker is preferably used for e. g. analytical or diagnostic applications in the pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, biology, in plant breeding or nutritional industry.
It is well-suited for use in laboratories, incubation and moderating rooms in ambient temperatures between +10 and +50 °C.

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