Máy lắc xoay kiểm tra ống GFL 3025 (6 - 60 vòng/ phút, điều khiển bằng núm vặn)

Điều khiển: núm vặn
Kích thước trục xoay: 24 ống kiểm tra, 12-17 mm Ø. Chiều dài ống từ 75 đến 180mm
Tốc độ lắc: 6 - 60 vòng/ phút
Nhiệt độ:  +10 °C đến +50 °C
Kích thước máy (W x D x H) : 490 x 330 x 220 mm
Nguồn điện: 230 V / 50...60 Hz / 80 W *
Khối lượng: 12 kg

Chi tiết


 Specifications and features
    Dependable, long-lasting and maintenance-free rotator.
    Electronic speed control, stepless.
    Clearly laid out control panel for easy operation.
    Compact, low-wear counterbalanced drive mechanism.
    Removable axle for loading outside of the rotator.
    Alternative axle equipable with clamps of different sizes optionally available (without surcharge, on request).
    Axle and drip pan made of stainless steel.
    Housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated.
Applications: Smooth and exact motion - that is what this rotator model guarantees when it comes to separating and/or mixing applications. The unit is well-suited for use in laboratories, incubation and moderating rooms in ambient temperatures between +10 and +50 °C.

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