Máy đo điện trở thấp DC Hopetech CHT3540A (10μΩ~3kΩ, 0.05% )

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Hãng sản xuất : Hopetech
Model : CHT3540A
Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
Bảo hành : 12 tháng

-Thông số: DC resistance
-Độ chính xác cơ bản: Điện trở: 0.05%   
-Dải đo: Điện trở: 0.1μΩ~30Ω
-Nguồn tín hiệu: điện xung <2A
+ 30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω,
+Chế độ tự động và hướng dẫn
-Tốc độ đo: 3 meas/sec., 15 meas/sec., 60 meas/sec.
-Hiển thị kết quả: direct read, ΔABS,Δ%,sorting results
-Giá trị hiển thị Max.: 300,000 5 1/2 digit display
-Hiệu chuẩn: Short-circuit reset for all ranges
-Bộ so sánh: 1 sets of data records,NG-LO, GD-IN, NG-HI display and output.
- Chế độ trigger: internal/manual/remote trigger
-Giao tiếp: RS-232C,handler (Optional PLC interface)
- Đầu nối thử: 4 ( 2 đầu dò và 2 đầu chuyển)
-Nguồn cung:
+Điện áp:198VAC~240VAC;
+Tần số: 47Hz~63Hz;
+Công suất: max 15VA
-Kích thước : 385 mm (L)x249mm (W)x102mm (D);  
-Trọng lượng: 3.5kg

The CHT3540/A/B high accuracy DC low resistance meter is Hope Science & Technology’s most feature product for ultra-low-resistance tests in cable, materials and shunt industry. This new low resistance tester gives the highest accuracy and stability in the industry, the minimum resolution is up to 0.01uΩ. Using pulse forward and reverse current test mode, CHT3540A/B greatly reduces the large test error due to the heating in the process. The latest model CHT3540B has the calculating the resistivity function and its optional infrared thermometer can be used for non-contact temperature compensation.



Measurement parameters

DC resistance

Basic accuracy


Measurement range


Signal Source

pulse current:<2 current mode: forward and reverse current test, pulse current


4 different ranges-30mΩ,300mΩ,3Ω,30Ω,
auto and manual modes are available in each range

Measuring speed

3 meas/sec., 15 meas/sec., 60 meas/sec.

Result display

direct read, ΔABS,Δ%,sorting results

Maximum display value

300,000 5 1/2 digit display


short-circuit reset for all ranges


1 sets of data records,NG-LO, GD-IN, NG-HI display and output.

Trigger mode

internal/manual/remote trigger


RS-232C,handler (Optional PLC interface)

Temperature compensation

accuracy:0.5 °C,range:0~100 °C

Test terminal

four-terminal(including 2 detecting-ends and 2 driver-end )

Power supply

voltage:198VAC~240VAC; Frequency: 47Hz~63Hz;Power: max 15VA

Dimension & weight

385 mm (L)x249mm (W)x102mm (D);  weight: 3.5kg


CHT9340 kelvin test wire
CHT9800 RS232C interface cable
CHT9700 temperature probe


CHT0301 4-terminal test fixture


four-color VFD display, keypad lock and data hold function


Using vector measurement, simultaneous measuring of multiple parameters

Comparator (sorting) function, built-in 30 sets of comparator data.

Test leads damage detection indicator

Adjustable beeper and brightness

Compatible with SCPI command


Fit in variety of contact resistance test

Used in evaluating the deterioration and lifetime of the alkali/lead-acid/ lithium storage batteries

On-the-spot testing of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

Applied in delivery inspection of storage battery

The measurement of ESR on supper capacitors

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