Thiết bị so sánh áp suất khí nén HUAXIN, HX7620C, -0.98-60 bar

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Product Description

HX7620C Pneumatic Pressure Comparator consists of hand pump, lead screw, reverse valve, relieve valve and output interface. It features high sealing, stable pressure generating and simple operation. It is suitable in the laboratory. It could supply the pressure for calibrating pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, general pressure gauge and other pressure instruments.



Food grade stainless steel and hermetic technology in the military industry

High precision, stable pressure generating, easy operation.

Wide pressurized range, high vacuum degree

High reliability, Wide micro-adjusting range


Technical Specification

Pressure Range: (-0.98~60) bar

Stability: Above 0.05%F.S

Working Media: Air

Output Interface: M20×1.5 Female

Dimensions (L×W×H): 380mm×380mm×200mm

Weight: 14.8Kg

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