Bếp gia nhiệt Jeiotech T-14R (350℃)

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Model: T-14R
Hãng sản xuất: Jeiotech
Xuất xứ: Hàn Quốc
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Dải nhiệt độ: từ nhiệt độ phòng ~ 350℃
Bộ điều khiển: điều khiển phản hồi PID
Màn hình: LED
Công suất: 600W
Qúa dòng: dòng giới hạn bảo vệ
Thời gian: 2 chế độ: 1min to 99 hrs 59 min
Tải trọng: 25kg
Vật liệu: nhôm, gốm độ bền cao
Kích thước và cân nặng: 210x294x99 mm, 2.4kg
Nguồn điện: 230V,50Hz / 60Hz), 3A
Phụ kiện: Heating Bath, Clamp Holder, C-10 (Al body, Ø17mm), Transparent Shield (PC),Support Rods

Chi tiết

Heating Bath

Heating Bath


transparent safety shield

Transparent Safety Shield


 Clamp Holder (C-10,C-7,C-5)

Clamp Holders (C-10, C-7, C-5)

Support rods

Support Rods


Hotplates Hotplates


Operating Features

  • Overheat prevention circuit turns off the heater if the top plate temperature reaches 450℃ for any reason.
  • Hot Top Warning Indicator blinks when the top plate temperature is over 50℃ to prevent accidental injuries.
  • Button Lock feature prevents inadvertent or accidental changes during operation.
  • Microprocessor PID control for precise temperature.
  • Automatic temperature calibration feature for precise temperature control.
  • Three user-selectable temperature control modes provided:
    - Optimal Mode, Fast Mode, Slow Mode.
  • Optimal heating level can be selected by turning the heater scale knob. (from 0 to 100%)
  • Two user-selectable timer activation modes allowing the timer to start immediately after the timer setting or to be activated only when the set temperature is reached.


Constructional Features

  • Integrated design of the heater and the top plate provides exceptional heat transfer rate and quick heat up capability.
  • Non-slip heating bath with concavo-convex bottom prevents unintentional slips of the bath. (optional)
  • A transparent safety shield protects users from liquid splashes or decoupled stir bars during operations. (optional)
  • Two support rods allow for diverse flexibility in configuring other test equipments and accessories. (optional)


Model 1) T-14S T-14R T-17S T-17R
Technical Data Heating Temperature Range (℃ / ℉) Amb. to 350 / 662
Control Feedback Control with PID / Scale
Display LED digital (0.1℃ resolution)
Heating Power (W) 600 800
Safety Hot Top Indicator (℃ / ℉) Warning lamp (50 / 122)
Over Temp. Top plate Main body PCB
Over Current Current limit protection
Timer 2 type, 1min to 99 hrs 59 min
Load, Max (kg / Ibs) 25 / 55.1
General Data Top Plate Material Ceramic coated aluminum
Dimension (Ø, mm / Inch) 140 / 5.5 170 / 6.7
Body Material Cast aluminum
Dimension (WxDxH, mm / Inch) 161x290x100 / 6.34x11.42x3.94 210x294x99 / 8.27x11.57x3.90 191x330x101 / 7.52x12.99x3.98 240x324x100 / 9.45x12.76x3.94
Weight (kg / Ibs) 2.2 / 4.9 2.4 / 5.3 2.9 / 6.4 3 / 6.6
Electrical Requirements (230V,50Hz / 60Hz) 3 A 4 A
Cat. No. AAH35015K AAH35115K AAH35025K AAH35125K
Electrical Requirements (120V,60Hz) 5A 6.7A
Cat. No. AAH35013U AAH35113U AAH35023U AAH35123U
1) S Models: straight type, R Models: round type with handles. 
※ Permissible environmental conditions: temperature (5 - 40℃) and relative humidity (up to 80%).
※ Above specifications can be changed without prior notice.


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