Quạt thổi Ion Kasuga KD-750B

Phương pháp tạo ra dòng Ion: Sự phóng điện DC
Kim điện cực phóng : Bằng Tungsten
Ion cân bằng *: Trong phạm vi ± 10V (tại thời điểmcài đặt của nhà máy), cho phép điều chỉnh phù hợp
Tốc độ Quạt: Thay đổi (không phải là theo bước)
Thể tích khí tối đa: 3.68m3 / phút
Vận tốc luồng không khí: 1,3 - 4,6 m / giây
Bàn chải làm sạch: Không có
Màn hình báo động: Vệ sinh, quạt quay nghịch , quạt lỗi, dừng điện áp cao
Khối đầu cuối: đầu vào DC24V, đầu ra DC24V (cho phép kết nối hàng loạt quạt, kết nối tới năm cái)
Báo động vệ sinh (bao gồm báo động cao), đầu ra còi kêu (DC24V)
Cảnh báo quạt: (bao gồm cả việc loại bỏ quạt gió), nối đất
Số lượng ozone sản xuất *: 0,02 ppm hoặc ít hơn
Môi trường hoạt động: Nhiệt độ: 0 °C-40 °C, Độ ẩm: 80% RH hoặc thấp hơn (không ngưng tụ)
Điều kiện đầu vào: DC24V
Dòng tiêu thụ: 550mA
Khối lượng: Khoảng 900g
Khoảng cách đo 300mm

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Chi tiết


Ultra-fast ionization at twice the speed of conventional units

This unit boasts superior ionization performance nearly twice that of conventional ionizers, which is enabled through the use of twice as many discharging electrode needles as conventional units (eight instead of four) and a high air-capacity fan.

KD-750B ionization performance


Wide ionization area

The original fan guard enables the widest-ever ionization area. When installed as in the diagram below, for instance, ionization can be performed from three IC trays.

KD-750B ionization performance (overhead installation)


Ultra small dimensions and antistatic design

The fan comes in the smallest size for a 120 x 120 unit, allowing the ionizer to be installed on a bench or in a manufacturing device while requiring little space.

The stainless steel fan guard is capable of shielding the electric field, while use of an antistatic resin for the body permits installation in an EPA (ESD protected area).

A stain-resistant ionizer ensuring stable operation over a long period and reduced maintenance

Use of twice as many discharging electrode needles as conventional units and high efficiency ion generation reduce performance degradation, enabling stable, long-term operation. This results in a significant reduction in the frequency of maintenance.

Temporal change of ionization performance


The KD-750BB comes equipped with a cleaning brush that allows easy cleaning of the discharging electrode needles simply by turning the front knob. This significantly reduces maintenance.

The addition of the cleaning brush in no way affects the unit’s ionization performance, ensuring that it eliminates static as quickly as previous versions.
The cleaning brush is compatible with the KD-750B’s fan guard. KD-750B currently in use can be easily equipped with the cleaning brush.


Intuitive display panel


The front display panel allows easy confirmation of the ionizer’s operating status. The unit is equipped with a lamp that signals when cleaning is needed. This lamp was featured in previous models and well received by users. Moreover, the unit also has a fan monitor lamp that informs of fan failure.


Input and output terminals


The terminal block on the rear side allows easy connections for power input and output and alarm output. This means that the ionizer can be easily interlocked with all types of manufacturing devices, so that signals indicating performance degradation due to poor maintenance or loss of ionization effect from fan failure are immediately transmitted to the device in which the ionizer is used.


Ionization from microelectronic devices

The unique design ensures the widest possible variable range of air volume, which permits the fastest-ever ionization from microelectronic devices at an extremely weak airflow.

Ionization performance at different air volumes (*Measurement distance: 300 mm)

Air volume Time taken for ionization
Maximum (4.6 m/sec) 0.6sec
Minimum (1.3 m/sec) 1.8sec



Main unit of the ionizer

Model KD-750BB KD-750B
Ion generation method DC corona discharge
Discharging electrode needle Tungsten
Ion balance* Within ±10V (at time of factory shipment), permits fine tuning
Fan speed Variable (non-step)
Maximum air volume 3.68m3/min
Airflow speed* 1.3 - 4.6m/sec
Cleaning brush Yes No
Alarm display Cleaning, fan failure, fan guard removal, high-voltage stop
Terminal block DC24V input, DC24V output (permits series connection of up to five units)
Cleaning alarm (including high-voltage alarm), buzzer output (DC24V)
Fan failure alarm (including fan guard removal), ground
Amount of ozone production* 0.02 ppm or less
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C, Humidity: 80% RH or below (no condensation)
Input condition DC24V
Consumption current 550mA
Mass Approx. 910g Approx. 900g

*Measurement distance: 300mm


Dedicated AC adapter
Model KN-AC1
Input conditions AC100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC24V
Capacity Capable of driving one unit of KD-750B
Mass Approx. 270g
Rear fan guard unit with filter
Replacement filters (five filters)

Note: Please use the following symbols when placing an order for KD-750BB/KD-750B.


Dimensions [mm] and names of parts

Main unit of the ionizer


Dedicated AC adapter : KN-AC1(Options)


Intended use

  • Manufacturing and assembly processes of electronic devices
  • High-speed static elimination in various manufacturing devices
  • Prevention of dust adhesion to optical components
  • Ionization from a long distance


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