Thiết bị giám sát tĩnh hai kênh Kasuga KSD-0120

Phạm vi hiển thị:
+ Phạm vi 1: ± 1 - ± 1999V
+ Phạm vi 2: ± 0,01 - ± 19,99kV
Đầu ra tương tự: 0 - ± 5V
Cài đặt điều khiển: Cài đặt độc lập của hai kênh
Đầu ra điều khiển: Bộ thu mở (đầu ra cài đặt điều khiển và đầu ra lỗi cảm biến)
Nguồn điện: Bộ chuyển đổi AC 24-24 hoặc AC chuyên dụng (AC100V, phải mua thêm)
Tiêu thụ hiện tại: 500mA (dc - 24V)
Môi trường hoạt động: Nhiệt độ: 0 ° C-40 ° C, Độ ẩm: 65% RH trở xuống (không ngưng tụ)
Khối lượng: Khoảng. 580 g (bao gồm cả khung đính kèm)

Chi tiết


  • This single unit can be connected with wide potential sensors (KS-2100) via up to two channels, allowing building of a static monitoring system at low cost.
  • Since the sensor is small, it can be installed in a narrow space inside a manufacturing device for continuous monitoring.
  • Permits alarm setting, which means it can be interlocked with all types of manufacturing devices so that alarm signals are transmitted to the device when the set value is exceeded.
  • Comes equipped with a newly developed circuit for failure diagnosis of the surface potential sensor, meaning it quickly detects failure of the sensor due to shock, etc. and outputs signals indicating the failure to an external device.
  • Can also be used to check the effectiveness of an ionizer or for its management.
  • Permits switching between ranges, allowing measurement over a wide range from low potential to high potential.

Intended use

  • Monitoring of charge quantity in the production process of flat-panel displays
  • Monitoring of charge quantity of semiconductor wafers
  • Monitoring of charge quantity during a process of handling LSIs or conveyance of printed wiring boards


Items Model Comments
Main unit KSD-0120  
Attachment bracket   Comes with the main unit
Sensor KS-2100 Optional, up to two sensors can be used
Dedicated AC adapter AC adapter for KSD-0120 Options



Main unit

Model KSD-0120
Display range Range 1: ±1 - ±1999V
Range 2: ±0.01 - ±19.99kV
Analog output 0 - ±5V
Control setting Independent settings of two channels
Control output Open collector (control setting output and sensor failure output)
Power supply DC12-24V or dedicated AC adapter (AC100V, optional)
Consumption current 500mA(DC12 - 24V)
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C,Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)
Mass Approx. 580 g (including attachment bracket)


Dedicated AC adapter(Options)

Model AC adapter for KSD-0120
Input conditions AC100V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC12V
Cable length 1580mm
Mass Approx. 385 g


Sensor (optional)

Model KS-2100
Detection method Vibration-type static sensor
Measuring ranges Range 1: ±1 - ±2000V
Range 2: ±0.01 - ±20.00kV
Analog output 0 - ±5V
Measurement precision Within ±10%
Standard measurement distance Range 1: 10 mm
Range 2: 50 mm
Alarm LED lamp indication and external output of sensor failure
Power supply Supplied by KSD-0120
Operating environment Temperature: 0°C-40°C,Humidity: 65% RH or below (no condensation)
Mass Approx. 100 g (not including cable)
Accessories Dedicated 5 m cable (can be extended to 100 m)


Dimensions [mm] and names of parts

Main unit




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