Máy kiểm tra mất cân bằng cho bánh xe ô tô KMT KTE-320

Công suất: AC 220V 3P, 60 Hz

Điều khiển tốc độ: Biến tần

Điều khiển: Điều khiển PC

Tốc độ: Tối đa. 1.200 vòng / phút

Chi tiết



The tester is to evaluate the fatigue of the stimulus by giving fatigue to the product or 

specimen that is complied with the reliability test requirments. Designed and manufactured 

to meet the requirements of the customer. It is an indispensable device for evaluating the 

durability and testing the limits of the components of the automobile. This design is initiated 

by the customer's request.


Tester for precise measurement of the amount of unbalance for car wheels

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